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officer 360

OFFICER 360 is a training platform that allows officers to simulate management of an intervention in a realistic and totally immersive way. Thanks to virtual reality, the user finds himself in control of the command post during an intervention. He must therefore analyze the situation, establish his strategy and direct his men to fight the fire. This tool allows, among other things, training centers to increase the quality and effectiveness of officer training. Because of its performance and ease of use, this tool can be implemented anywhere, without geographical discrimination. Virtual reality allows OFFICER 360 to recreate a situation in a very realistic way for intervention managers.


The increase in the turnover rate of firefighters and the decrease in the number of interventions as a result of numerous prevention efforts mean that officers dangerously lack experience in the field of response management. However, the increase in the use of synthetic materials in furniture manufacturing and changes in building materials are causing much more devastating and unpredictable fires. It is therefore a priority to equip our officers with a preparation to deal with today’s reality.

Meets the needs of
fire departments of municipalities

fire extinguisher 360

The FIRE EXTINGUISHER 360 platform is a high-performance tool for the training of employees and industrial brigades in the use of portable fire extinguishers and other fire extinguishing tools used in industry to achieve an effective and safe response. It allows for the complete training of employees without requiring the presence of a trainer and to carry out the necessary practices in order to preserve the knowledge and skills acquired. In addition, the scenarios can be adapted to represent the facilities of our customers.


Industrial fire losses are often underestimated due to the low value of material damage caused by the event itself. However, it is important to consider the production losses caused by the shutdown of the necessary equipment in order to carry out repairs, the penalties imposed by the fire service in the event of frequent incidents and the health risks and the safety of your employees as the fire grows. The benefits of properly preparing employees to be able to cope with this type of intervention are usually greater than the cost of training.

Meets the needs of
industrial fire brigades

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