virtual reality simulator

for at-risk interventions

Our goal is to improve the security and the efficiency of first responders and other employees in emergency situations



Our virtual reality applications reflect the reality of your environment and your scenarios.

This accurate representation by immersion allows the participants to experience the real effects that an emergency management situation causes to the human being. The brain, emotions, and reflexes, everything is put to contribution during a VR simulation.



Virtual reality training allows to recreate any situation.

Therefore, scenarios that are too dangerous to be actually reproduced in practice become accessible thanks to virtual reality, thus making it possible to offer better training.


Efficiency comes with practice.


In emergency management, every second counts. The time devoted to practice is therefore generally very limited in proportion to the complexity of the task to be performed as well as the stress constraints experienced during these situations.

In addition to making training events very stimulating, our virtual reality simulators allow the participants to be more efficient and to increase their level of preparedness.

Since each of our applications is developed based on your specific needs replicating your environment, you can rest assured that every minute of training will have a direct effect on the management of future incidents.

For better emergency scenario preparation, use our custom training tools.



Setup of our equipment takes only a few minutes and requires no special skills. They offer a global representation of the situation in a way that is superior to traditional methods, and the participants come out with a better understanding of the effects of their actions since they are visible in real time in the simulator.

Virtual reality makes it possible to recreate a situation very realistically for the intervention manager.

Just have a virtual reality headset and a room reserved for this purpose, and you can practice for all possible scenarios !

No limits, no accidents, no contamination,
no risk… It’s simple !



More comprehensive training

more effective control of critical situations

With our training tools, you will be winning all the way.

faster execution

reduced training cost

and above all, less risk of human loss!


  • More comprehensive training
  • More effective control of critical situations
  • Faster execution
  • Reduced training cost

And more, virtual reality training allows the brain to learn much more effectively !

Scientific research shows that a person retains …

5 %

from what he hears

10 %

from what he reads

30 %

from what he sees

75 %

of what he practices

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